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Summer. 2021. If I had to give one reason to explain why summer is my favourite season, I would say “Jejudo”.

An island on the Southerncoast of South Korea, Jejudo remains on top of my travel destination picks.

Maybe it is because the first time I went to Jejudo remains vivid in my memory heart. I was four years old so the memory of my first time in Jejudo isn’t too clear but I remember how happy I felt. I was riding a horse with my dad and my grandparents were standing by the fence waving to me with the biggest smiles. I ended up crying because the horse was so scary but the yellow flowers I was brushing by was so beautiful and mesmerizing they took my tears away. So, this happy memory continues and I feel like that exact four year old whenever I go there.

This was probably my fifth visit to the island. Based on my personal experience, four nights and five days is perfect. Three nights and four days is doable. But even if you only have one day to visit, just do it. It will captivate your heart in an instant. Plus, you have to feel a little bummed about not being able to visit every place so that you want to visit again.

Hope you enjoy some pictures I took during this trip.

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