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Peer Review #2: Elevated Pitch

Do you have an interview coming up? Would you like to apply for that dream job? or do you simply want to connect with that person you have been scared to talk to on Linkedin? Well, you are in luck because Elevator Pitched is here as a your 101 guide for writing resumes, interviews, networking, and waiting after the interview.

Continuing on with the theme of writing my peer review as a letter, I am writing this for my fellow colleague Tommy in my Publishing 101 class and for his website Elevated Pitch.

Dear Tommy,

Before I even begin, I am sending you my biggest appreciation for the name of your website because it’s so cleverly simple and catchy. I have to confess that your website was one of the first websites I visited among other colleagues’ just because the website name was so captivating and I am glad to visit again. This is just a personal take but I genuinely think you could even start a series where you discuss about the successful stories of students you helped or your personal stories of where you really began and call it the “Elevated Pitch”- like, “elevated” as in improved and higher up. I find reading about people’s struggles and successful stories in their career journey so relatable and engaging. The bottom line is – you are very clear of what purpose your website serves through its name. “Great, intuitive designs are those that allow us directly, and correctly, to see what we can do with a thing” (Kaptelinin, 2014).

Theme and Customizations

Captivating and such relatable photo right on the homescreen. Clear description of what Elevator Pitched is and who it is for. Nice contrasting colours of the logo with posh and chic font for E and P. I love how you kept your professionalism through not being too over the top with designs yet it still exerting uniqueness. What makes the design so unique is that it seems like it is for students because you are not shy about including your sense of humour in your writing and funny relatable photos as well. I don’t feel too intimidated or left out about not being able to ask for help from you. In your Setting Up a blog, you said, “blog breaks down concepts and terms, introducing articles and resources to look at that I wish I had,” and I love how you actually do that.

Layout & Site Structure

Mental health was your centre piece on your mindmap and I just love how you included the Self-Care into the main menu. I definitely agree that it is one of the most important aspect of career building which gets brushed off to the side and I believe that it is time to start normalizing the severe impact job seeking has on mental health rather than acknowledging that it is what everyone goes through. Overall, the accessibility to your webpage is straightforward with clear, purposeful menus on the top.

Social Media and Plugins Integration

I am absolutely all for the twitter installation on the side bar of your website. It is engaging, responsive, and accessible for your subscribers to keep updated on your content. I also think it is a great idea to put a tab for “recent posts” on the side bar on your posts as well because not only will it save the readers their time but it will also create a map for them to follow through and read your other posts.

This made me wonder what your website would look like if there was a side bar on the homescreen as well, where your twitter can be seen right away when someone enters your website. If a side bar on the homescreen is not a thing for you, I would highly recommend inserting a Twitter icon on the header or installing a plugin called Chaty, where a small icon including your social media handles will pop up on the screen. It feels like a little assistant to me so I find it really intriguing.

Content Formatting

I also already learned so much while reading all of your blogs one by one but I also got so much inspiration from the way you named the heading. “Result, Context, Action” is one good example of many. It’s not boring like “Third Step”. You also break the paragrahs really nicely so that people can tell where they can draw main points from and you add onto that by creating a subheading in the beginning of each paragraph as well, such as “Lead with results”. It sounds amazing because it sort of sounds like a motivational quote, which I think is also the purpose of your website: giving encouragement to students.

I personally thought that adding in more relatable pictures in between for blogs that get especially long with content would be nice. However, it could also distract people from focusing on the content itself so it would definitely be up to you as well. I personally find those memes that can be applied in business settings so funny. Or quite literally, memes from The Office is so relatable.

The bottom line is – I really appreciate your work in providing a safe space for students to access resources and to grow more professionally. As this has a long shelflife, I can see so many students will continue to seek for help from you and EP. I cannot wait to visit again and see how much EP has grown! See you again.



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  1. Hey Lina! Thank you for your extremely kind words and recommendations! I truly appreciate all you said here, and I can’t help myself from going “aww” after each paragraph.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    1. Hi Tommy! My thanks to you is sent to you so late but thank you for your kind review as well! So glad you found my review helpful 🙂

      Hope you have a good day!!

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