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“Seo tells us what customers want and need” (Hollingsworth, 2021)

This year was already so interesting because I have been playing around with SEOs, hashtags, and algorithms through personal experiments. Here are some things I did:

  1. Instagram – checked which hashtag is used the most on Instagram and used them on my post.

One of the tips I received from the Internet (of course) on raising engagement is to use hashtags that are used the most. After doing it, I don’t necessarily agree that this works because, first, a high usage level does not equate to a high following level. This means that the hashtag must be followed by people for people to see it.

2. This led me to dig for hashtags followed by people who have the same interests as me

Whenever I come across people who share a similar aesthetic as mine, I go on their following list (although that seems a little invasive) and check which hashtags they follow. Most of the time, I find common hashtags followed by many other people I find. Through that, I find new trending hashtags and narrow them down to fit myself into a specific niche. “As the market evolves, yes, it’s best to follow the trends and changes closely” (Hollingsworth, 2021).

3. I also found that putting words on reels yields higher engagement.

But this is not always the case. I have tried three different ways. Although there are many other factors I have to consider, I have tried: a) Korea diary; b) Korea + Cafe; c) Cafe

I found that Korea + Cafe raised higher engagement from these three options. It seems that the more specific I become, the higher the engagement. Perhaps this is what Hollingsworth means by creating worthy connections through “understanding how specific actions are supposed to affect performance and growth”.

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