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PROCESS POST #2: getting a blog started

Sure, it is great to pour my heart out when writing. After all, all I wanted was to have a space where I can connect with people through my thoughts and simply be relatable. In concept, people would read my blog, find that we share common interests, and like to read what I have to say. Isn’t it quite amazing how we can claim a public space in “the public” (Warner, 2002) with just one creative brain and a few clicks (maybe more because it took me a long time to get this site going) away?

But it is more complex than just that. These dreams isn’t quite one-sided I realized. It requires strategic moves that will captivate visitor’s attention (and I say visitors because there’s a big difference between a reader and someone who accidentally clicked on my website). Also, there is a huge difference between “the public” and “a public” in terms of freedom (Boyd, 2014). While people in the public sphere are led to follow the general societal norm, a public sphere allows people to unleash their creativity and find their identity.

“Social media is providing a vehicle for teens to take ownership over their lives” (Boyd, 2014).

Thus, using this public sphere as a tool towards the development of my identity, here are some strategies I used.


Chaty is one plugin I personally love. It is a small chat icon that appears on websites saying, “Need help?” or “Send us a message”. This plugin was one of the first plugins I installed because I personally felt the sense of having a companion with me when I read blogs or visit a website. Also, having someone just one click away makes the space more welcoming.


Music is a huge part of my identity and so I just had to include a song that would automatically play when someone visits my website. Because my mom ran a music academy even before I was born, I was basically born into music. I believe that a person’s music preference says a lot about that particular individual so I want my visitors to get a hint of who I am even before reading my blogs. My music preference changes quite often as well so I am planning to change songs weekly/bi-weekly (depending on the theme of the blog that certain week).


The oldie but a goodie. Subscription is probably the best plugin, which I probably have a weird relationship with because the subscription plugin represents hope, self-doubt, and friendship. While I am hoping that people would subscribe to my blog or my youtube channel to continue reading and watching my content, there is some sense of self-doubt which tells me that the subscription button is there as a simple formality. It is there because it should be there. Regardless, the subscription plugin is simply another tool catered for my audience. It is really there because there would be someone who may want to be reminded of my presence. That is friendship. Someone who wants to connect with me. I hope we can be friends too.

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