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Why is organizing so difficult? I meant, my closet, not this blog.

I find it so cute how online space is like a little drawer, where you can sort your ‘clothes’ based on their colour, size, theme, and use (I wish cleaning my closet was as easy as organizing this blog).


For someone as chaotic and disorganized as me, I was so happy about being able to put as many menus on the header as I wanted. I am the type of person who posts photos from years ago, has 10 highlight icons on their instagram, and also thrives on multiple personas by having multiple social media accounts. As Hollenbaugh has said, we have unlimited control and freedom with how we express and shape our online self on media (Hollenbaugh, 2021). This reflects very well of how we like ourselves to be seen to other people. This also explains very well of why headers are important. I recognize that my personality is very dynamic and because I do not feel fully comfortable expressing my true self offline, I need different outlets to express my dynamic self. I am different when I am a traveller, a baker, a student, and a writer. Thus, my header is mainly organized accordingly: 1) Blog (for travel, thoughts, art, baking), 2) Academics (Pub 101, News/Interviews), 3) Youtube.

On another note, it would be interesting to do a research on how our perception of certain social media platforms lead us to shape our personality accordingly. For example, my assumption is that – personality portrayal on Instagram would differ in great length compared to portrayal on Linkedin, a networking platform. How do people portray themselves? Is that real as well? Also, maybe all of those personalities that we portray are real and these online spaces just help us find that. This could be explained through dissociative anonymity, suggested by Suler (2004). There is a certain level of anonymosity on Instagram, allowing people to express their trueselves, and for Linkedin, there is a certain theme of professionalism grounded in the foundation of the app. Thus, on both Instagram and Linkedin, users don’t really have to take responsibility for the creation of their personality – summing up dissociative anonymity.

Featured Boxes and Pictures

Of all the menu topics, why travel, thoughts, and vlog? First, I am a huge wanderer. I am not exactly sure if I am a traveller because I don’t really have a particular destination in mind when I wander around. But, travel seems like the common word people use to describe “going to places” so this is that. Second, thoughts – I am an overthinker so I need a space to just pour my heart out. Lastly, vlog is there because I wanted to let people know of another persona I have – on YouTube. I am not really good at describing myself through words but rather on film so, vlog definitely captures who I am the best.

On a final note, pictures are all taken by me and I absolutely want all the pictures on my blog to have Linaness. What do I mean by Linaness? I mean that my pictures need to represent who I am. Because I am not really good with words, I rely heavily on pictures to express who I am because there are feelings captured in the colours, angles, and focused objects in photos. “Self-presentation involves ‘attempting to control images of self to others'” (Hollenbaugh, pg.84, 2021).

Anyways, I will be busy cleaning my thoughts out. There is a lot to organize and I am just glad that I have finally started a blog to help me clean.

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