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PROCESS POST #4: Welcome. We are Open.

Midnight Diner is a Japanese TV show about a diner that opens at midnight until 7 in the morning and customers are served dishes they personally would like to eat as long as the chef, the owner, has all the ingredients needed to make that special dish. What is most fascinating about Midnight Diner is that there is a range of people who visit the diner, from business person to yakuza (gang) to prostitute- and they all get along nicely as well. I am hoping that my blog will be like the Midnight diner where I can serve dishes of thoughts (with my personal take) my readers would like to have. I plan to express my thoughts on a range of topics so, as long as my readers are okay with the ingredients I use to write my blog, my diner will remain open to them.

I am writing this at around 12:30 at night, which is very typical of me. I am the biggest night owl I have ever seen in my life and sometimes, I come across other night owls who genuinely surprise me as well. What does this mean anyways? You’ll probably see a post come up at midnight if you’re a night owl as well. I could try to post in the daylight but I am the most creative at night, so what can I say (I mean, it’s morning somewhere on Earth, so no shame)?

In the beginning of January, I put up a questionnaire on my Instagram asking my friends what they would like to see on my blog and here are some responses I received.

  1. Maybe food? Culture?
  2. Recipes
  3. Day in Life stuff
  4. Travel tips to Korea
  5. Feminism
  6. Artwork
  7. What is this? Also, my dog!

I felt so thankful for these responses because these really helped me shape how I would approach and structure this blog. I definitely had Korea (food, travel, and culture) in mind but I will take on explaining the Korean culture further.

As I had promised in my About Section, I will definitely upload my secret recipe to the ultimate chocolate chip cookies (which I have probably served to around 15 people and they all loved it).

I would also love to share my take on not so simple topics such as feminism. Last semester, I conducted an interview with a woman in her 50s and her life of being a woman as a gender. I would definitely love to share that upon permission.

Artwork. Probably my favourite. I have taken up on a new hobby of painting minhwa, a traditional Korean artwork, but on digital platform. I absolutely love the artstyle and although I have only completed two, I will share when I have a chance.

My dog, Bamdal. My life at the moment is all about my dog and honestly, my dog has come to define who I am and so, it wouldn’t make sense to leave her out. Maybe I’ll create a space where all dog people can connect with each other to share tips and tricks.

In conclusion, whoever visits my diner would probably be someone who wishes to be served a simple dish of my thoughts. They may not like all the dishes I serve them but there could be one particular dish they like, making them come back for it.

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