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“Branding is all about creating a feeling” – @thelaunch_hive on Instagram

What does it mean to “create” a feeling? While emotions naturally come to us, the feeling is structured, created, and curated based on our personal experiences and thoughts. You can label an emotion, but feeling needs a lengthy background description.

Perhaps this is what sets writers and editors apart. While writers write their emotions and thoughts based on what content is needed, editors have to take on a strategic way to edit and shape the words that cater to the target audience. Thus, it is the editor’s job to take the emotions the writers have set out to create a feeling, which will lead to “emotional branding.”

What is “emotional branding”?

Emotional branding is creating a relationship between a brand and its customers. Emotional branding includes humanizing the brands as an extension of the personality and lifestyle.

Let’s take one look at this logo here.

As you look at this logo, I am almost certain that you have already filled out the blank space in your head. Yes, Just Do It. It is Nike’s famous slogan. How did you know this so fast?

Nike’s advertisements showing athletes who work hard to reach the top and connecting us with this feeling demonstrates how emotional branding works.

At the same time, emotional branding is tricky as our audience may perceive our brand according to their own experiences rather than the feeling we strive for. Thus, it is essential to clarify who the target audience is and carefully construct how we phrase certain things.

That is why both writers and editors are essential in constructing brands and emotions to create a long-lasting connection with the audience.

As I have to be my writer and editor (for now), I realized that I have to be assertive about what kind of branding I want to pursue. As observed in the About Me section, I still have this chaotic energy, which I have trouble defining myself. In this case, others would be unsure of what theme I am pursuing. Who am I? That is the question I have always questioned myself, so maybe if this were a movie, it would be a coming-of-age movie.

I will follow the simple description “a girl with a camera” for now. My cameras are my weapons.

The pen is mightier than the sword” (Edward Bulwer-Lytton)

I aim to use my cameras to portray who I am genuinely inside with all honesty as being honest and truthful and just being myself will allow me to create a genuine connection with people.

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