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Boy on Silk

Boy on Silk

The first time I visited Toronto by myself, I spent hours at the Art Gallery of Ontario. It was mid April but it was snowing blizzards outside, so I thought it was a perfect day to admire the paintings one by one carelessly. I ran into one particular drawing, which I sadly cannot remember the name of the artist, but it was called “A boy on silk”. The drawing was probably the size of an average tablet and in fact, it was actually a boy drawn on silk. What was interesting about this drawing was that this artist focused more on where this boy was drawn on, rather than the subject (the boy). Out of all the things he could have drawn on such as canvas and paper, he selectively and purposefully picked silk. The artist said, at times, we focus on the content of the drawing more than where the subject is drawn on. It could have easily been a boy on canvas. Or a boy on paper. Or a paper on wood. But, giving meaning to where the subject was, the silk became part of the art as well.

This is something I think about more now. Where in the digital world do I stand? And where am I writing my content? Gertz is absolutely correct in terms of our content losing its meaning when the platform we put our content out is lost in meaning as well. Now that I think about it – I embarassingly admit that I haven’t given much thought into how putting my words up on wordpress would shape my identity self. Same with other platforms. How is my YouTube channel shaping my identity? How about Instagram? How about another Korean blog platform? Is my identity self strong enough for my belief and values don’t get affected by the essence of each platform? Although not drastic, I see a slight difference in how I am on YouTube vs Instagram for example. So, is the internet shaping me rather than me shaping myself in the digital world?

“Designing from the heart of our messages out means we fully acknowledge that they will not speak the same way to every person. We’re no longer chasing numbers. Instead, we’re thinking about how we should treat each piece of content, designing to reflect its subtle personality.” (Gertz, 2015)

I think this also relieves my stress and the pressure to constantly post content at this certain golden hour. I am not a machine as mentioned by Gertz. What is the meaning in producing content for the sake of producing content? I hope to reach the point where my views of life broaden enough for me to reflect on even little happy moments so that I can share my experience through writing. But, for now, I will train myself and focus on how I want to deliver myself here – one step at a time.

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