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“We live in a world of radical ignorance” – Robert Proctor

March 9th (next week) is the day of the South Korean general election. It means that a new president will be picked and our next 5 years depend on this person.

Working as a Korean election analyst for the past few months now, my life keeping up with the news in both Korean and English feels like shuffling through racks of clothes trying to find the right size. Although there are like 5 or more different articles written from different broadcast systems on the same topic, they are all slightly different in terms of the tone they deliver, the words they use, and content they highlight. Some even deliberately leave some important news out or label some groups in a totally radical way that leaves room for misunderstanding to grow. Translation of Korean to English is also another problem, which just absolutely baffles me.

Regardless, unless it says “THIS NEWS IS FALSE”, the readers will continue to read and get a cent or two from reading these, right? Especially if it’s a big well-known broadcast system, the readers will give immediate trust to the news.

And there are news coming from individuals like the candidate Lee putting hair loss treatment for the citizens as one of the agendas. Yea, there is another candidate who said would offer voters US $85k. I mean, this could totally happen and people would say yay, but this make us think that populism is at play here rather than thinking that, “this famous person said this so it must be true.”

So, how can we tell truth apart from false in the pool of overflowing information? Although I would also like to know the answer to this question, I believe that it is just difficult. I wonder how much information I know is actually wrong, too.

But what I believe we should do is at least attempt to narrow our growing gaps in understanding on issues that affect us all. “We should consult with others much more than we imagine” (Dunning quoted by Kenyon, 2016).

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