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PROCESS POST #8: Linaness

When I created my website, About Lina, there was just one thing I just ever wanted. I wanted every colour, every word, every picture, and every corner of the website to scream “Linaness” because:

  1. When I first started YouTube, I foolishly filmed all the footage and edited them myself, but used copyright music, which ultimately took my right over my videos (although I am not doing YouTube for monetization – yet)
  2. I don’t like looking through no copyright free stock images which doesn’t even seem to define who I am.
  3. I take beautiful pictures and always felt shy about uploading them on Instagram and wanted to use them in any way I can.

Overall, I wanted everything on this website to be fully from me. I consider this website as my art and I want to have a full say in it.

If it’s like a meme, or a famous logo, or any other work I have received inspiration from, I would really make sure to give full credit to whoever produced it because I learned after my experience of making YouTube, it isn’t easy to get recognition.

However, I find it difficult to track down who the original creator is when it comes to recipes or when someone posts a reels on Instagram with a music that is not theirs but don’t list the name of the song or who the artist is. I don’t really know what makes Instagram content creators able to use any songs without being credited for it. There is also that myth of being allowed to use any songs if you only use 15 seconds of it. I still don’t know where this came from and if there is any little bit of truth to this.

I just learned that I want to protect myself from infringing on others by using my own work such as photos and with songs, I definitely want will credit (song) (name of the artist).

Henein in You Say Tomaydo , I Say No Copyright Infringement: Recipe Book Not An Original Compilation says how the recipe and “Their description merely characterized how recipes were developed and further perfected” shows me one thing. This development and perfected effort is personal and can only be proven by someone who actually did it. So, personal is the most creative.

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